Obastcle Courses Qualifier Sweeper Arm Candy Land Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
TBA Shamu 2:18 1:37 (5th)
TBA Manatee 2:22 1:35
TBA Turtle 2:20 1:27
TBA Charles 2:54 (6th) 1:36 (4th)
TBA Dolly 3:00 (8th) 1:29
TBA Toby 2:39 (5th) 1:35
5 Bear 2:34 (4th) 1:38 (6th)
Clipper 3:02 (9th) 1:39 (7th)
Lamba 2:57 (7th) 2:12 (8th)
6 Olly 3:11 (10th)
Lamby 3:40 (11th)
Stanley 3:41 (12th)
     male competitor
     female competitor
     winner of that round
     2nd  place in that round
     3rd  place in that round

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